Blog Post #8: Where are we now?

These past two weeks working with the group has been going well. Like any group, we’ve had our ups and downs, trying to figure out how we all fit into this group and what our individual roles are. But so far, I think we’re doing great, I could even go to say we’re on fire. This past week we got a lot of research about the history of gender equality, mostly gender inequality though. Our idea is that to better understand gender equality in today’s world we need to understand the background of it and what’s happened in our state and country leading up to this. We found lots of information about Vermont and the US in general, a lot of important dates, such as laws or bills being passed. It’s been fairly easy finding good research, at times it hard to find information on more than just women rights and about inequality occurring amongst all genders, but we’ve found a lot of really good sources. We’ve also gotten responses to our interview questions, including “How would you define gender equality” and others. Outright has been gracious enough to send us multiple responses, as we have a few people at each of our schools who we hope to interview soon. Our plan moving forward is to continue research as well as get more interviews. We have decided that we will ask interviewees who we know personally if they would be comfortable with us recording their interview so we can get more practice interviewing with a camera and hopefully get some good footage we might be able to use in the future. I can see my group going great places in the next couple of weeks.

Grace Darrow

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