Blog post #9: Storylines

This past week has been quite busy for me, it has been hard to work on What’s the Story when I’ve got so much going on. I made the goal this past week that I would work on the storyline or research storylines, and I did, just not as much as I would hope. To build our storyline first we need stories, something that’s harder than I expected. It’s hard to find a time to sit down with people when everybody’s so busy, so this week and the next coming weeks I am going to focus on reaching out to as many people as a can and hope I can get a really good story to add to our project. For our storyline we need the main story that drives it and that we can always go back to, we’re still searching for it. So far we have quite a few anonymous responses from Katelyn’s school, a lot of them give some good insight as to what people think gender and gender equality is. Many people aren’t quite sure or think its just male and female. A few have a very fluid idea of what gender is, calling it a social label or thing that can change, whether it be male, female, or anywhere in between. I hope that my school’s responses can give some more insight from people, maybe a different view than what we already have in our research. Also, I hope that more people at my school will provide their email so we might be able to contact them about an interview.

Grace Darrow

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