#2: Substance Abuse and Addiction in Vermont

The topic I would like to pursue is the substance abuse epidemic in Vermont. I would like to focus on how we could educate people on substance abuse better, the role it plays in the lives of children/family members of people who struggle with substance abuse, the role it plays in a community, the way it portrays a stigma for cultures and areas, and the other illegal situations that follow with drug abuse. I want to collect stories from people who’s families have dealt with drug addiction and I would like to interview people who are currently working on dealing with this issue.

Brynna Kearns

One Response to “#2: Substance Abuse and Addiction in Vermont

  • Ceci Lewis
    8 years ago

    I know you want to explore drug addiction and its impact on families and communities, but I want to know why. What about this “epidemic” drives you to inform others? In your introduction you mentioned that you would like to investigate the various issues related to opiate addiction. Are you interested in how individuals get hooked? Why they continue even when they know it is a killing them? I have always been intrigued with the psychological component of addiction. What about the physical component? How does the body respond physically to the drug. The mind and body often work in concert to keep a person addicted. Finally, what do you hope to gain from learning the stories of the people whose lives have been affected by opiates.
    I come from a family and community where drug and alcohol addiction were quite prevalent. Only one of my family members ever became addicted to heroin and he always thought that he had “kicked” his habit. Unfortunately, he only traded heroin for alcohol. For whatever reason, he was unable to maintain sobriety for longer than three years at any give time. Sadly, he has died and I am not able to ask him any further questions. He was my brother-in-law and he was already a heroin addict when I first met him. I personally took him to treatment facilities nine different times before he gained his last year of sobriety. I may never know what killed him, but I do know that his mother finally received the call that she had been waiting for over thirty years to receive. How sad, huh?

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