Business in Vermont

My name is Jules Butler I’m in eighth grade at Frederick H Tuttle Middle School.

I have always loved to earn profit. When I was 6 I sold candy in school and made $20, I also sold stickers and made $130!

The Affinity groups chosen are all amazing topics with great meaning. I am most interested in learning about Vermont businesses and entrepreneurs. I want to learn how they do with struggles like the minimum wage in Vermont, how they now to predict their success and many other topics. 

I bring to the team the extra work that makes any project complete. I help peers stay on task and put in their fair share of work. These are traits I have acquired through sports. I have been a captain of a top team in the state and I always go hard and win battles in the corners. This transfers to WTS because it helps me lead the group and work very hard when no one notices and put in the work to keep the project exceeding the standard.

Last, I am so  excited to be working with WTS this year and can’t wait for an awesome experience.


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