#1: Card Throwing, Cameras, and What’s the Story?

To put it simply, I am here because I want to learn. If I wanted to go into detail I would tell you that I seek a new educational environment that I think Middlebury can provide. I might also say that on a conceptual level What’s the Story seeme very interesting. This morning, we (the students) were asked to write on a notecard about something we were interested in or good at. My example was the art card throwing. The featured image being my drawing and the one above being something I found on Google. For me, the best part of What’s the Story is probably going to be the technological use. Once I knew that we had the opportunity to use advanced camera equipment and editing software, I was instantly sold. To summarize, I am here because I am very interested in the learning opportunities and environments that What’s the Story provides.

Ben Wilson

One Response to “#1: Card Throwing, Cameras, and What’s the Story?

  • Hi Ben!

    I’ve never met anyone who knows how to throw cards (well). It’s an interesting talent, and you sound like an interesting, inquisitive person. I look forward to getting to know you!

    All the best,

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