Catching Up

This week we have been mostly gathering interviews, and editting. Sadly, I couldn’t go to any of the interviews, just because of timing and how far away I live. I talked to the group last Saturday and we have been staying in touch with each other and making sure we are on schedule. I haven’t been doing much, though, but right now we are kinda in the middle of deadlines. We are just past the interview deadline, and not even close to the editting deadline, so there isn’t to much to worry about at the moment. I still think that our project is nesscary to many schools around the state, and to many kids. I wish that we could do more to help support and create a safer environment, because we are only teenagers and there are limits to our ability. Even though we have done so much, we still have so far to go, but we would have a much harder journey without the much needed support from many schools and What’s The Story. The amount of bias just in Vermont is baffling, but it has gotten better, at least in a few schools, and if we try and gather more people and schools, we could get so close to changing the schools look at LGBT.

Grace Darrow

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