Connections Matter!

With this being my second year at What’s The Story, both being incredibly enticing and impactful, I have been able to retain lots of information on not only how to conduct a proper documentary, but also learn how to communicate virtually, use diction properly, and compel the audience.

At the kickstart last year, I was nervous–immensely so. I was gathered with a new group of people, those in the amount of twenty-odd people. Not only did I rarely talk to anyone at first, but I also found that I was attempting to shelter myself from any conversation with anyone else. This meant that my experience would inevitably be limited. But as both Tim, Bill and the other mentors began to speak about their own personal, not only expertise, but also relations to this group, I found myself adapting to the climate of a new group of people. The adults and other teenagers I was with made me feel comfortable simply being myself, and I didn’t feel judged or uncomfortable, simply because the adults of WTS told us directly how this team would play out–what our goal was, and how it had been achieved in the past, as well as tiny personal introductions of themselves. This connection aided me in creating friendships with many within the group; a surprise of mine.

These surprising incidents were completely unintentional by the means of the adult team, and they probably didn’t know their extreme impact. Through my experience in the previous, and current year, I found myself bonding with people I would never have thought I would speak with. Suffering with social anxiety is a struggle, but I was able to get through my moments of increased stress and go outside of my bubble, provided by the activities and meetings the adults held to make us feel comfortable. I was also taught to push my boundaries, through the games we were playing with each other every time we met up.

My first and second year contributed to my knowledge on how elements contribute incredibly to the enhancement and general flavor of a blogpost. Those items being consisted of an impactful, diction-filled piece of work, that meets the deadline accordingly, and names all the questions regarded in the prompt. Structure matters! Don’t forget that structure either.


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