#2: The Current State of My Topic

As of right now I have no clue as to what I want to do for a topic. I am extremely open to any topic. I would like to work on one that hasn’t been explored before or not explored in a certain light. I have been thinking about many things such as; the state of Vermonts natural resources, a growing drug culture among teens, and lack of volunteerism for fire and EMS agencies. I would love to do any of these topics but I am not at all opposed to working on something completely different.

Brennan Bordonaro

One Response to “#2: The Current State of My Topic

  • Hey Brennan,
    Sorry I commented the wrong post last time, I wasn’t aware that we were supposed to comment on blog post #2. Anyway, I think all of these topic sound great. Is there any that you are leaning towards more than the others? I look forward to reading more of your blog,

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