Day At Dealer

Yesterday, I spent most of my day with my mom at Dealer.Com. While I was there, I interviewed 7 different people, and got some great B roll. It was a great experience, to say the least. The environment at Dealer gives off such a good vibe. Everywhere you look, there’s something going on. Everyone I talked to was incredibly nice, creative, and overall really cool and genuine.

It was so interesting to hear what all of these employees had to say. When I asked them some different questions about skills, most of them talked about creativity and problem solving, which was exactly what I hoped to hear.

Here are the questions I asked to everyone I interviewed:

  • Do you think that students taking control of their own education is important? If so, why?
  • What do you think are the most important skills someone can come out of high school with?
  • Working here at DDC, what skills d’you wish you learned in school?

There were also specific questions I only asked to the director of hiring:

  • What skills do you need to have to be hired here?
  • Can you describe to me the personality traits of someone you’d want to work here?

These questions were very successful in terms of getting answers that will help my documentary encourage students.

So, today is the last day of filming and I have a lot planned for today. I plan to interview the Nexus teachers, and talk to some kids about their projects. Look for an update tonight.

Maddie Parker

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