Dec Retreat: “How Can We Teach Them Something They Already Know?”

It’s time. We got our media kits yesterday and it’s time to really start the process of making a documentary. I am so excited. Our group spent most of our time planning for interviews, and I can’t wait for the process to begin. We have come up with a large list of potential interviewees.

Yesterday, Jason Mittel came and talked to us about the art of an interview. He not only talked about the technological aspects of doing an interview, he also talked about little things like how who you’re interviewing should effect how the interview is set up. Despite creating a documentary last year, all these little pieces that I overlooked last year, can be put together to create an interview that not only has great content, but it also very aesthetically pleasing.

I know how to use these media kits, after a quick review, when Tim asked us to take a couple short videos around the Dining Hall, I was more than happy to get started and take control. The how to work the camera was such a big worry for me last year, so I’m glad that the technological aspect is now much easier. Instead of being worried about how to work the camera, I can focus on how to get the most out of each interview.

Pretty soon, we’re going to go back to reality. Everyone has a busy life, but we cannot let that keep us from working on our project now that we have so much momentum. We have created an action plan for the next couple weeks. Our group has multiple means of communication, so we will talk to each other almost every day.

We are meeting as a group this Wednesday, by then we will have each asked several people if they would be interested in doing a pre-interview that could potentially lead into a on-camera interview. Then by the end of the week we will have hopefully scheduled at least one pre-interview.

We know we want to focus on students, and how gender bias in schools affects them. So we also plan on asking a lot of students questions like “What do you think is gender bias?” to see how many people come up with a definition. If they don’t, then that’s fine. Our job is to teach them, and how can we teach them something they already know?

All in all, a lot has happened over the past 30 hours, and I know with the momentum that we have, we can accomplish great things.

Emily Pecsok

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