December Retreat: Excited for the Future

I didn’t accomplish everything I would have liked to over the past four weeks, however I worked with Eva to create a first draft of the workshop we will be presenting in schools. I reached a rather technical problem when in came to the website, meaning no one could remember the password until a few hours ago. I haven’t been feeling 100% lately, and although I wish I could push through, it really effected my ability to work.dsc_1259

The retreat has been decently dsc_1193productive, I began working with Grace on a script for the first video in the web series, and together as a group we refined what our story is going be. We also got familiar with the camera, which is something I felt that I missed last year. I also discovered something which doesn’t help us at all, quite the opposite actually: working together isn’t possible with a standard Adobe account. Either a more expensive “teams” version is needed, or we basically have to just deal with it. dsc_1216I was hoping that this year editing could be a more collaborative process (it just didn’t work out that way last year, which was of course fine and Eva did an amazing job), but it doesn’t look like that’s going to be happening. I’m very excited to begin the filming procesimg_5865s, and I hope that we can make everything that we want to work, work. Overall there was a lot of hot chocolate, yelling (and crying) over a game of Anomia, and making a beautiful piece of art (click it, you won’t regret it) that was definitely just to practice our filming skills.

Fiona Nelson

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