December Retreat Reflection A Busy Weekend

This weekend has left my brain fried from all of the new thinking and things to think about. I have learned about film making, the rule of thirds, I learned about collaboration and why forgiveness is important, and I learned that the seven layer bars are really good.  I learned that at WtS I have “the belief  you won’t be punished if you make a mistake” A quote from the article High-Performing Teams Need Psychological Safety. Here’s How to Create It  this quote resonated with me because when I am at What’s the Story I feel like mistakes are good ways to move forward and that it is ok to make mistakes here. I know that this is new to everyone else so everyone should be expected to make mistakes. “A person who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein. I am trying something new. Taking the “red pill” or stepping outside of the moral matrix.  I learned through the TED Talk: The Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives  that it is important to push yourself to think outside the box and be creative, and to learn to share morals. If you share morals you become a team. Working towards a common goal or having similar morals or standards is important in collaboration. Johnathon Hiedt mentioned that you aren’t born with a blank slate, you have foundations of morals, Harm, Fairness, Ingroup, Authority, and Purity. People are born with these foundations and it is about developing them and understanding that the human nature is to believe that you are right. To believe that you have the correct answer. When understanding these concepts you can be more productive. I have experienced new technologies that I can use in many circumstances and have been very productive in the continuation of my issue.

I think that the next month will be a month full of learning. I plan on having my first interviewee and that I am sure will bring along some challenges. I am scheduled to do the interview with my Principal and other educators first so my role will be practicing and preparing for that. I will also be attending a conference with Carol Tomlinson to learn more about teaching methods. My partner and I will hopefully have better luck with our google hangouts to be less time consuming figuring out the process and I plan to continue to stay engaged and active in this topic. Being in a two person group it is tricky to not pull your weight. Josie and I are both very passionate about our topic and I can’t wait for new learning experiences in the time to come! Thank you so much to Bill and Tim as well as the other Mentors and guest speaker for supporting me in my journey with What’s the Story!


Lindsay Beer

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