December retreat reflection, A Respectful team.

During the whats the story December retreat, my team and I progressed significantly on our action plan for the next couple of weeks and how we will conduct our interviews. looking back at the ideas and concepts we focused on and learned during the retreat, like creating psychological safety in your team and how it is important, or the ted talk, about the five moral values, it is important to create a balanced team that allows psychological safety. So far, since the first retreat, I have found that the experience I have had with my group has been successful, productive, cooperative and there have been no team created issues or bad dynamics. Why I think that my team has been so successful working together is because we have created a safe team environment. My group is very good at listening to others ideas, and giving every idea thought and allowing everyone to contribute. My team is also very forgiving, and this makes me feel comfortable sharing my ideas and thoughts, and I think it is like this around the board. why I think my team has been so successful is because we have all been very respectful, to our teammates, their ideas, and schedules. Looking at what is to come, I think that it will be important to look back at these ideas and principals when we start to reach out and try to get other peoples opinions on our topic. I don’t think it is just teams that need psychological safety, but also the interviewee. I think that most importantly, we need to make sure that we need to replace blame with curiosity. This will greatly increase the chance of having an amazing interview with information that we will find the most useful is by further asking about why people have these thoughts and opinions that may differ from ours or other interviewees. I also think we need to allow all of the moral values to grow, and this will create a better interview, and cooperative environment for the interviewer and interviewee. Judging on how our team has worked so far and how we planned to do our interviews, I don’t think there will be any issues with us trying to accomplish our goals. And I think everything will go smoothly.

Alex Tolgyesi

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  • Thanks for writing so thoughtfully Alex. I would agree with your sense of the group. You four formed great bonds; the respect and rapport was obvious when I first came on as your mentor. I am thrilled to be a part of such a group.

    I also appreciate your notion of curiosity. Just love it. Intellectual curiosity connected with the humanness you expressed is a powerful way to approach the interviews. I am so excited to hear how they go!!

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