December Retreat Reflection – Environmental Group

This retreat has been fantastic. I feel like we’ve gotten so much done in such a brief period of time. We were able to work out the details to our project and pick a track to stay on going forward. After discovering that Act 64 and Act 105 have already launched the future prevention of phosphorus run offs caused specifically by dairy farms (which is pretty much the main source of phosphorus run offs for us in Vermont, since we have more dairy farms than most states do), we decided to take a different direction with our project. We decided that there wasn’t much we could do in terms of pushing for the state to make more efforts to clean up the pollution of Lake Champlain since there is already so much effort being made, so we thought about potentially putting a spotlight on the people who are actively creating a difference and innovating to create ways to make our water quality better, in the hopes of inspiring other young people to take action as well. We’re going to select three people to focus on, and we’ve decided that these people will be millennials, to inspire the future generation and show them that they can make a difference. We had a few ideas for people we could interview. There’s a student who like in the Burlington area who has designed a type of buoy that will detect and filter out blue green algae from the body of water it occupies. He’s still a high school student and my team mates and I think that he would be a great feature for our documentary. Last night I found this article about a group of seventh and eighth graders who have made a rain garden, which is used to collect storm water and prevent phosphorus run offs from going into local rivers and depositing into Lake Champlain. We’re still working out how that interview would work, but it’s multiple people who collaborated on the project, and they’re all minors so they would need to have release forms signed by there parents before hand, and that could be a whole process all in its own, so we’re thinking that maybe we could get possibly three to four kids from the group that created the rain garden and have them do an interview with us individually. We were also considering doing a group interview but the more I think about it the worse that idea seems, because you’d probably end up with a ton of background noise and movement, which would look weird compared with the rest of the documentary. We’re still looking for a third person to interview, but I feel like we will be able to easily find that person. My idea was that we could do an example of innovation made by middle school students, high school students, and college students. I went on the Middlebury College website and searched through their internships, courses, and programs where they work with environmental health. They had many sources and places that I could research further and get in contact with soon to set up an interview. I read about this one course in which Middlebury College students work with elementary school children on environmental health. I think it’s important to focus on how the future generation will handle the environment because this is a planet that we will be inheriting very very soon and we need to do everything in our control to make sure that this is a suitable home.

Brynna Kearns

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  • Ceci Lewis
    6 years ago

    Hello! I am so happy to read that things are moving along quite well for you and your group. The idea of interviewing millenials about their work in the environment is wonderful! Not only are they the present, they are also the future. This focus provides an additional inspiration knowing that there are youth who are working for a better environment. I certainly hope you find the third interview for your project. Middlebury is a great place to start. I can hardly wait to see the end result. This summer I will be working at Bread Loaf, so I hope to meet you and view your film.

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