December Retreat – Reflection

I unfortunately was unable to attend the December Retreat but got caught up through team members and mentors. I did have a chance to watch the videos that were presented to the group, and learned a lot about collaboration and the dynamics of it. Psychological Safety included rules/lines that should be established to create comfort in any group, in which it is important to be able to handle conflict, support each others idea’s, etc. Speaking with my group in google hangout I believe that we have established a good environment for everyone, meaning there is a strong sense of Psychological Safety. I then watched the TED Talk based off of moral roots and learned a lot about being able to function within a group but also my own self. The speaker was a man named Jonathan Haidt’s, and he discussed several morals that each person experiences throughout their lifetime that will mold how their lives are. They are: harm/care, fairness, authority/respect, ingroup, and purity/sancity. These are all concepts that have binded our group, as we all have a common interest based off of experiences and knowledge. Jonathan also spoke about how these concepts play into someones level of openmindedness, and willing to see someone else’s perspective as if it was your own. Now, I believe my group is a union of openminded individuals, but I also do believe that getting perspectives outside of the one’s we believe “true” to us, would benefit our work. As for the upcoming topic next month, I think it might involve counterarguments and how that plays a vital piece in our research.


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