Directions – Blog Post #2: Interviewing Important People in My Life

It’s important to remember that we are not writing reports and we are not editing our peers’ work. When we blog and when we respond to others, it should be conversational and focused on helping to make meaning. Here’s a slide we looked at on our kickoff day. The language should help remind us the style of our writing and thinking in this space.

Now for this week’s directions: you should do these two things: (A.) write a new post and (B.) respond to others:

(A.) Blog Post:

Synthesize 2-3 intentional conversations with people that matter to you about the topic(s) you are exploring. This may include family, friends, teachers, coaches, mentors, or neighbors. These people are the center of your social fabric. As you talk to them, jot down direct quotes to use in your writing.

Consider not just each conversation, but also the journey of your research. Here are some questions to consider:

  • How did my second interview align with, challenge, or shift my thinking since my first interview?
  • What are others’ perspectives on this topic, the need for change, and the types of possible changes?
  • How did what one person say relate to what another person said?
  • How is my thinking evolving?

Include formal MLA entries  for your interviews at the bottom of your blog post.  Here are two citation generators to help you: Citation Machine or EasyBib.

If your unsure of a social issue to interview others about, it’s ok. Perhaps, you can turn the tables on three adults in your life and ask them what social issues they would act on if they had more time and resources to change their communities and reflect about those conversations. (What are those issues, how do they see possible change, why are they interested to them?)

Most importantly, make the blog post work for you, wherever you are at in your thinking.

(350-500 revised words) 


(B.) Respond to Others:

Read and comment on peers’ blog #1 posts. See this document for blog pairings.  For each of your comments, share what you noticed and wonder about in the blogs you read. You should write to expand the thinking in complex ways. Start sentences with “I noticed…” and “I wonder….”.

 (Both Parts are Due by the end of Sunday 9/24)

Blog Organization Reminders:

  1. Titles: Include a specific and engaging title, that begins with “#3:” (I have already modified your first two bogs with a #1 and a #2. This, again, will help us organize our web space.)
  2.  Tags: Include specific keywords that have to do with your blog post. Examples: “Mental Health,” “Homeless.”
  3. Featured Image with a proper citation: Please use a Featured Image; the option is on the lower, right when writing a blog. See the example citation at the end of this post that includes the person’s name who created the image, hyperlinked to the original image. Consider using Unsplash or Flickr through this Creative Commons Search engine to find an image that resonates with you.

Featured Image is by Christian Schnettelker

Tim O'Leary

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