Directions – Blog Post #5: Inspiring Change

This week, you should do these two things: (A.) write blog post #5 and (B.) respond to others’ blog post #4 (Mind-Map)

(A.) Blog Post: If you have not yet, please choose to follow one idea for Social Change at this point in your inquiry. Also, keep in mind that it won’t be until the November 10th-11th retreat that we will form social action teams and set a course for the remainder of the year. Until then, this is all brainstorming and I-searching. It’s okay and normal to feel unsure or unsettled about what topic to pursue.

Step 1: Please watch this TEDTalk by Simon Sinek on “How Great Leaders Inspire Change.” Record one or two anecdotes/ideas from Simon, share those quotes, and react and reflect on them as the first part of your blog.

Step 2: Explore the internet and search for innovative ways communities across the globe are creating CHANGE, preferably centered on the topic you are exploring. (search terms you might consider: innovative change, disruptive innovation for social change). Briefly describe one or two examples of innovative change from your research.

Step 3: Frame your topic using Sinek’s WHY, HOW, and WHAT approach, and end your blog with a pitch that is modeled in the style he suggests. This should be a way to convince others to create change with you.

Here’s an optional graphic organizer, which might help you organize your thinking before you start writing your post.

Include MLA entries for the sources you reference. (Citation Machine or EasyBib)

(Word Target: 350-500 revised words)

(Due by the end of Sunday 10/15)

(B.) Respond to Others: Respond to those who have commented on your posts to continue conversations with them. Read post #4 from the peers you are paired with; begin statements with “I noticed…” and “I wondered…” See this document for groups.

(Due by the end of Sunday 10/15)

IMPORTANT Blog Organization Reminders:

  1. Titles: Include a specific and engaging title, that begins with “#5:”
  2. Tags: You might include specific words that have to do with your topic. Examples: “Mental Health,” “Homeless.”
  3. Featured Image with a proper citation: Please use a Featured Image; the option is on the lower, right when writing a blog. See the example citation at the end of this post that includes the person’s name who created the image, hyperlinked to the original image.

Featured Image is by Ansonlobo

Tim O'Leary

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