Directions – Blog Post #3: Identifying & Digging Into My Issue/Story

This week there are two options. Please choose the option that best fits your readiness. As you settle into making your blog post, check out these reminders about making blog posts.

(A.) Option 1: I’m Still Seeking My Issue / Story

  • If you’re stuck because you have too many ideas, write a post specifically about being stuck. Try to explore the weight of each issue you are contemplating and compare and contrast them. Consider these ways into thinking about them:
    • Can I construct a unique take on this issue and position myself as an ‘expert’ by way of my perspective?
    • How can I add something new to the larger conversation on this issue?
  • If you’re stuck because you don’t have ideas to which you are drawn, access and explore your course-mates’ blogs to explore the issues / stories they’ve identified. Find the issue / story that interests you the most.
    • Answer these questions:
      • What is the issue / story that interests you most?
      • Why does it interest you?
      • What do you know about the issue / story? What’s the conflict?
      • What are 5 or more questions you have about the issue / story?

Option 2: I’m Ready to Dig into My Issue / Story

  • Locate resources you can access on your issue / story, which might include articles, interviews, news stories, podcasts, etc. To get you started, here are some links to state-focused journalism Vermont Edition, Rumble Strip Vermont, Seven Days, VTDigger.
  • Dig into 2-3 sources of information/stories on your topic. Cite those resources at the end of your blog post. (Citation Machine or EasyBib)
  • Answer these questions:
    • What is the conflict?
    • Who are the different characters / organizations / groups involved, and what are their perspectives?
    • What unites people? What divides people?
    • What are your most pressing questions?

(Suggested Word Target: 350-500)

(Due by the end of Sunday 10/1)

(B.) Respond to Others:

Read and comment on peers’ blog #1 posts. See this document for blog pairings.  For each of your comments, share what you noticed and wonder about in the blogs you read. You should write to expand the thinking in complex ways. Start sentences with “I noticed…” and “I wonder….”.

 (Both Parts are Due by the end of Sunday 10/1)

IMPORTANT Blog Organization Reminders:

  1. Titles: Include a specific and engaging title, that begins with “#5:”
  2. Tags: You might include specific words that have to do with your topic. Examples: “Mental Health,” “Homeless.”
  3. Featured Image with a proper citation: Please use a Featured Image; the option is on the lower, right when writing a blog. See the example citation at the end of this post that includes the person’s name who created the image, hyperlinked to the original image.

Featured Image is by JRFoto

Tim O'Leary

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