DIRECTIONS – Blog Post #6 (Hint: It’s not really a post)

This week, we are taking a pause for the cause.

We’ve been writing and evolving our topics over the last five weeks. This week, I want you to PAUSE  and take stock of all the comments and feedback that have come your way since you started blogging. To do this, please do the following:

(A.) Review and Respond to the Comments on Your Blog Posts: Go back to see all the comments that have been left for you. Read or re-read all of them and reply to those comments in a thoughtful and conversational way. The readers are a combination of your peers and a curated group of adults who are champions of your work. They have spent a lot of time reading and responding to help you in your meaning-making process. Please respect their effort and show them you do by responding to their comments. You’ve been asked to do this each week, but now we are putting it squarely in our spotlight.


(B.) Respond to Others: Take a look at ALL of the posts of the 1 or 2 peers with whom are partnered. See this document for groups. Respond with statements that begin with “I noticed…” and “I wondered…” to help them stretch their thinking.

(Due by the end of Sunday 10/22)

Featured Image: Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Tim O'Leary

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