DIRECTIONS – Blog Post #8 – Refining Pitch and Purpose

Part One: Revising and Refining the Pitch and Purpose

  • Use the time / feedback you have to improve what you submitted last week; revise post #7. Refine your pitch (what you’ll say AND what your slides will show).
  • Then, practice making your pitch to someone you know.
  • Finally, make a very concise blog post #8 that answers these three prompts:
  1. In a single sentence, describe the change you are seeking.
  2. In a single sentence, describe the audience you will be targeting?
  3. One a scale of zero to ten, how passionate are you about your topic (zero: This topic bores me. Five: I could take it or leave it. Ten: I LOVE this topic.)? Please provide a number on this scale and a single sentence description.

Part Two: Getting Ready to Build Social Action Teams

  • Skim through the table below, being on the lookout for topics that interest you.
  • Check out a few of your coursemates’ blogs. Their names hyperlink to their blog posts.
    • (Please let me know if you’d like me to rephrase your topic)
Name Topic
Lena Ashoo Animal Rights
Megan Balparda Women’s Rights / Child Care
Brennan Bordonaro Illegal Immigration
Bryce Bowen Pollution / Lake Champlain
Zachariah Burrows Bees / Decline of Pollinators
Anna Buteau Dress Code
Sidney Carr Drug Addiction
Grace Darrow Wage Gap
Nathan DeGroot Racism in our Schools
Erin Fishell Intercultural Communication
Gretta Hardy-Mittell Natural Gas Pipeline Expansion
Justin Holmes Migrants’ Stories Living in Vermont
Petra Kapsalis Drug Addiction
Brynna Kearns Invasive Plants
Clara Lew-Smith Equitable Education for ELL
Elsa Lindenmeyr Migrant Farm Labor in Vermont
Fiona Nelson Non-Binary Gender Identity Education
Maisie Newbury Education Reform
Maddie Parker Mental Health Care in Vermont
Emily Pecsok Autism in Schools
Eva Rocheleau Non-Binary Gender Identity Education
Rex Ross Mental Health
Kiera Thorpe Nutrition
Kati Tolgyesi Drug Addiction
Theo Wells-Spackman Gender Inequality
Grace Widelitz Mental Health Care
Ben Wilson Educational Philosophies
Nigel Wormser Refugees


Part Three: Continue to Respond to Others

  • Respond to those who have commented on your posts to continue conversations with them.
  • Also, view post #7 (pitch and links to the learner’s slides) for those with whom you are partnered; begin statements with “I noticed…” and “I wondered…” See this document for groups.

(All of these parts are due by the end of Sunday October 30th)

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