DIRECTIONS – Final Retreat Blog Post – What’s My Story?

Please complete two parts of this final blog post: expected and unexpected learning.

Part 1: Expected Learning

  • Locate and update your mid-year self-assessment, the single-page self-scoring google doc (Tracking and Targeting My Learning) that you used to color cells green. It looks like the image to the right:
  • After you’ve updated the cells to reflect your self-assessment of your current learning, please reflect on these four life-long skills: Self-Direction, Responsible and Involved Citizenship, Informed & Integrative Thinker, Clear and Effective Communication. Please click on the link for specific descriptions (learning targets) in each of these areas. One way to approach this is to create four sections and quickly and specifically dive into what you think you’ll remember having learned in each of these areas (200 words +/- in each area).
    • How have you grown, be specific, in each of these areas? (tell a story)
    • How have you been challenged, be specific, in each of these areas? (tell a story)
    • Since these are life-long skills, what learning is next for you in these areas?

    (Approximately 800 – 1,000 words total)

Part 2: Unexpected Learning

Now, tell the story of your unexpected learning. Just like in “Teaching Dreams,” inspired life-long learning often emerges in unexpected ways. Be creative, thoughtful, and personal. Here are a few prompts to consider:

  • Years from now, what will you come back to tell us you learned from this past year?
    • Be sure to tell a single “micro-story” as an anecdote to how you answer the question above.

(Approximately 500-650 words)

IMPORTANT Blog Organization Reminders:

  1. Titles: Include a specific and engaging title, that begins with “#7:”
  2. Tags: You might include specific words that have to do with your topic. Examples: “Mental Health,” “Homeless.”
  3. Featured Image with a proper citation: Please use a Featured Image; the option is on the lower, right when writing a blog. See the example citation at the end of this post that includes the person’s name who created the image, hyperlinked to the original image.

Featured Image: “Blog This” by Damian Gadal is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Tim O'Leary

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