DIRECTIONS – I-Search Week #7: Consolidating and Sharing your Pitch for Change

Over the next week, please complete the following two tasks, which will prepare us to dig into each other’s ideas for positive social action on November 10th and use consensus seeking to create social action teams.

This will, in many ways, take the place of the more formal presentations each learner made last year at the November retreat. We are conscientious about having 32 learners and are  finding other ways to pitch our ideas to one another.

Part 1: Give a Brief Overview of your Topic – Visit this document. Find your name/table and concisely share your topic, overview statement for change, and personal level of interest.

Part 2: Pitch Your Idea – Visit this link to a Flipgrid. Create a 3-5 minute pitch by recording a video. Decide whether you’ll be straightforward, creative or both. Film yourself, a puppet show, or use other props, charts, etc. Please DO include the elements of your overview statement from part one. However, in this video you’ll have the time and space to go deeper and call your peers to action to consider this topic along with you if you have a high-level of interest. The purpose of this Flipgrid is to teach others about your topic and to convey your level of interest. If your level of interest is high, you’re seeking to persuade others to join you. If your level of interest is low, share this, and let people know you’re looking around for another topic. (FlipGrid can be also accessed via a free app on a smartphone as well as a computer with a webcam.)

Due by the end of Sunday 10/29

This is the last assignment in Phase One: The I-Search


Featured Image by Ayo Ogunseinde on Unsplash

Tim O'Leary

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