End-of-Year Reflection


My least favorite thing. I hate it. I’ve always struggled with it, and tried everything to change how bad I am at it. At first I was doing good we got work done and met up at Hangouts at scheduled times then sports started and holidays. We were all committed to the group and school and family and trying to make a way to have time for it all. Obviously that’s crazy to think about doing or try doing. Once we got the hang of juggling all these, my club team started, and I brought the whole team down again. My practices were out of control and my showing up became less and less. I loved our topic and what we were doing, but juggling became harder and harder. I still did the work just never on time.

Responsible and involved citizenship

I didn’t really struggle with this one until the end, especially teamwork. I don’t think my team and I really got on the same page towards the end. We kinda did the “I don’t care but I’ll give you feedback or whatever.” Also we only worked well together in the same room. Working a part from one another was too hard. In the future, I’ll make sure to pay attention more and help my team pay attention, too. At the very end, I felt like I stepped up a lot in making the website and giving feedback on our whole video.

Informed & Integrative Thinker

I believe I did very well with this one. In the beginning I was assigned to finding people/organizations that are doing good, and I found many people/organizations and added them to my. Also, I had to learn how to make a website, which was the hardest thing I’ve done all year. I learned how to from videos, teachers, and from Tim. Next time, I’ll make sure to do a little research on how to do it and focus more on doing it. Overall, I did very well with this.

Clear & Effective Communication

Communication come easy to me, but in this project I struggled mostly with adapting to different audiences and listening instead of reacting. For example, when I was interviewing a student I had to prevent myself from saying things that aren’t related to the topic. Also, I had to speak in a more sophisticated way. Lastly I had to really listen to the feedback other groups gave us in order for our project to be better.  I could work on these skills. In the future, I will listen more and react less.

Minelle Sarfoadu

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