Expected Learning

Self Direction

I have grown quite a bit in this section. I’m very disorganized and scatter-brained, for lack of a better term. Having to keep a hold of myself and manage my time and schedule has been and will continue to be a struggle for me, but the way I see it is the more practice in that aspect I get, the better or easier it will become. I hope. Having to keep myself accountable for the tasks set for me, budgeting my time and energy, it’s all very important to know how to do and WTS has helped me. Setting the dates for blog updates and knowing my deadline and what needs to happen in the time between the due date has been great.

Responsible & Involved Citizenship

Teamwork has always been a struggle for me. Whenever the teacher assigns group work or tells us to get into partners for a lab, I ask if I can work on my own. I’ve been self sufficient for my entire life and having such a big and important task ahead of me has pushed me to rely on my partners more than I’m used to. Thanks to my group group members, I believe our documentary has a lot of wonderful qualities and can make a huge impact. My teammates and team mom are wonderful to work with. I’ve grown comfortable coming to them for constructive criticism and feedback on the work I’ve done. Getting the feedback has always been my favorite part of projects and seeing opinions and changing the project itself to either fit or oppose the feedback.

Informed and Integrated Thinking

If I’m being honest, I had no idea what the term “systems thinking” even meant. Now, I can identify the pieces and parts of a system. So, for racism in schools my group and I were able to identify that the reason teachers are teaching racism is because that’s how they were taught, therefore, unconsciously teachers have been teaching this perpetual cycle of racism. Because of my thorough understanding of this system of racism, I can now help figure out a solution. This whole systems thinking piece was a challenge for me, however after taking time to think of it, it’s not as hard as I thought. I’m able to take my research and personal knowledge/experience and apply it to the system to find a solution. What I mean by this is because of my personal experience with racism and the research on statistics, I was able to come to the conclusion that the reason racism is still in the equation is because educators teach students ignorance and when those students become teachers themselves, in one way or another whether it be a parent or a teacher or something else, they perpetuate this ignorance and racism. In short, I realized I was using systems thinking a lot more than I thought I was and being able to pick apart a cycle and label each piece is pretty useful.

Clear & Effective Communication

Well, I live just south of Rutland, one team mate lives in South Burlington, and the other lives in Winooski. We are scattered all over the map and we all have very hectic lives and schedules. We have had to rearrange our meeting times once a week almost every month because there’s always at lest one person who cannot make it to the group chat. Communication was a struggle as well, however we managed to make it. All three of us, four if you count our team mom, work around our schedules and busy personal lives and if something happens, we tell each other ahed of time. During our retreats we work very nicely together and when we leave the retreat each of us has a clear idea of what we need to do by the next retreat. I feel like a piece of our communication was that we aren’t just teammates, we are friends as well and we joke together. This helps out communication quite a bit I think. Because we are comfortable with each other and are able to talk freely with each other I think that really increased our communication skills. When one of us, i.e me, got nervous of talking in front of other people the other teammates consoled and encouraged that person to face their fears. And once that fear was faced, the victory was considered one for the whole team as well as the individual because each of us understand that an individual victory is also a victory for the group and was celebrated.

Melaina Bassette

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