Falling Leaves and Short Films

Hi! It’s Miles again. How’s it going? Personally, I’m not doing very well, as I am currently having a major family emergency. Aside from that, the WtS experience is going pretty well. I’ve really enjoyed watching all the short films, in particular Beneath the Ink. As a musician, I appreciated the way that the background music was used to set the mood. I also enjoyed the kickoff meeting. The in-person meetings were my favorite part of WtS for the first year that I participated. I appreciate the balance between the organized work times and when you can just go off and do your own thing. During one of the winter retreats, a couple of people and I randomly decided to toss around a Frisbee in the snow, despite it being 9:00 at night and everyone not having coats on. I am guessing that they might be just as fun this year. On the subject of the Affinity Group Challenge, my group has been experiencing some difficulties, especially in regard to last week’s meeting. Because of family reasons, I was not able to make it to the Hangout. Furthermore, my group mates had technical difficulties in inviting one of the mentors to participate in the Hangout. Aside from that, my group is doing pretty well in the field of recovering from absences. On the whole, I really don’t think that I have many questions about WtS. Well, I’ll see you all at the hike!

Sources: Fall Leaves

Miles Ellis Novotny

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