Lots of Challenge and Fun!! But, also uncertainty

My WTS experience so far has been very exciting and full of exciting new adventures. One of the highlights from my WTS experience so far has been the first day it was nice to meet all of the people I would be working with or around for the rest of the year. Also, it was nice to meet the instructors of the program because it allowed me to learn about what they were like and what they would expect of me. It was also nice to get some background knowledge on what we would be doing while participating in this program and how this program became a thing in the first place. Another highlight from my WTS experience so far has been working with my Affinity Group. I have found discussing my observations with other people allows me to open my mind to varying points of view and opinions. For example, as an Affinity Group we had to ask clarifying questions so, we could understand other points of view, we asked questions like, why do you think that? As well as, how to you get that from the film? I have also enjoyed hearing others interpretations of the short video clips and hear the different ways to interpret the same thing.These are the main most important highlights from my WTS experience so far, I have also learned a lot in these three weeks.

My Affinity Group experience so far has been a very educational learning experience. The first thing my Affinity Group has taught me is how to effectively communicate with other people. In our Affinity Group we had to learn how to schedule meetings at times that worked well for everyone. We often had a long talk at the end of our hangout the week before to determine the best time for all of us to meet on Google Hangout. We chose Monday 2 times because it gave us a chance to do the prompt the night before while still doing our response in the beginning of the week. However, the week after our hike our group was disorganized. Since, a few of us were not on the hike, we were not able to schedule a time to meet. It took us all week and we were not able to meet up until Saturday. It showed that not having a firm time to meet it can take a while to organize a time to meet. We had to make sure that everyone was at the chat and that we had not forgotten to remind someone to come. Furthermore, we had to make sure that everyone had done the prompt and watched the video so we could chat effectively. Another thing that our Affinity Group is doing is trying to make us all understand each others opinions. We do this by making sure everyone gets a chance to have their opinion heard and to explain their opinion so other people can understand it. Also, if we do not understand what someone said we politely ask them to clarify so we can understand every point of view on the prompt and movie clip. As a group we also ask for everyone’s opinion on the prompt so everyone’s voices are heard so we can understand the clip from different angles. I also have a few questions about WTS.

So far WTS has been a very informative process, however, there are still a few things I have questions about. First, I am wondering how long approximately our film will end up being? I am also interested in why this program was developed as a film making class as well as a traditional course? Furthermore, I was wondering if there is a reason you choose to do this program exclusively in Vermont instead of allowing people from all over New England to participate? These are the questions I have developed about this program. I have had so many good experiences, great learning opportunities, and questions over the last three weeks! WTS has been a great experience so far, and I am excited for the rest!

Farren Stainton

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