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I know I have become a more self-directed learner because I have taken initiative and responsibility. One of the moments that shows me doing this is when I attempted to set up an interview from a potential source. I found the contact information, created a document of the information, and shared it with my group. This demonstrated self-direction because I was able to locate individuals with useful information and showed responsibility by sharing information with my group.

I showed responsible citizenship when I worked with my team; I attended almost every Google hangout that our group had, and I attended almost every interview that our group had. This is important in working with a team because attending hangouts lets people share thoughts and work on what is next, such as interviews. Interviews are necessary in the making of a documentary.

I clearly and effectively communicated when I listened to others. When others in my group presented their ideas, I listened to them and offered my own ideas, or took their ideas and used them. One example of this was when, in one of our hangouts, we were thinking of switching directions. We all listened to each other’s ideas before deciding.

One thing that I didn’t expect to learn in doing this course was all the details about making a documentary and video editing; I had expected to learn about video editing, but not as far in depth.

Zachariah Burrows

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