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Unexpected Learning

What’s the Story has taught me more than expected of someone with my caliber. I know I’ll never forget anything I’ve learnt on my own or through others. I would’ve never imagined I’d grow through this experience due to my incapability to function in school. I’m not one who likes the schools because it feels like a prison in which one can’t escape and when I first took a glance at WTS it seemed like just another project, but going through this had me examine my own strengths and work as a team to create a piece that effects our community instead of the classrooms that hinder ones learning. This is an opportunity that’ll ingrate with me into society. Helping me forage a path in my life with experiences which open windows to new topics.

Okay, Wow! A mouth full, but here I’ve opened up to new ideas and concepts. I’ve found a new love in learning that was never introduced to me. I’m more comfortable with my capabilities and school still has the closed locked in feeling, but being empowered by the other learners and instructors at Wts helps. Even if I’ve never spoken a word to most of them I look around and feel the pressure of traditional classrooms be lifted. At Wts I have more freedom of my learning and it invokes new movements that help enrich my learning.


Speaking about learning I’ve developed a new interest in learning opportunities or any that pop up. At my school PAML, Peoples we have a high school course where you can go and explore a topic that our school doesn’t normally teach. It’s called IS, Individual Study and I’m interested in taking this once I enter next year. We also have the Tech Center which many schools offer, but it’s something else I can incorporate into my learning. Taking a step away from the future, this year a classmate and I have designed the shirt for our graduating class and I’ve taken up guitar, languages, and history specifically WW2. Even though I’m not close to being able to play most songs if any on the guitar or walk around speaking to others in secrecy Wts has gave me something else to look forward to instead of graduation.

(Ugh that was cheesy)

Responsible & Involved Citizenship/ Mini Self Learning 

I remember it wasn’t an overnight, but one of the day greets where we got together with our groups. We where sent off to do some individual work and we decided to have our own room to watch the edits of our film. I was completely fine with my group at the time, but I never truly knew them. It was like a having a wall with a window, but it always being foggy. We all went in and started sharing our interviews and talking about our ideas for continuing. Talking to others I’m fine with, but since I never participated in the natural school environment I was nervous due to my lack of school experience. I know my “grades” reflect a different side of my school persona. I’m know as the “goody two-shoe” kid who gets their work done with minimal errors or whatever. But I never got the group work where theres not just one answer and everyone has to meet that end goal. And this helped me open up and not be afraid of being wrong because theirs no specific end goal in personal learn except get everything you can out and become the master. Now instead of the window clear I opened the latch making a new path.

What’s The Story

1 half Informed & Integrative Thinker/ 2 half Clear & Effective Communication

I’m being honest and from my stand point thats an honor on my behalf. Confusing… Whatever I got 5 mins to write this. I haven’t seen any notably changes with my thinking. But with communication piece I have. Story telling hasn’t been a strong suit and will never be, but at least I gained something.

Rex Ross

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