Final reflection

For self-direction, I was able to continuously identify, prioritize, and pursue the questions that our team needs to answer to become and remain informed about the story we’re pursuing. My team’s question was What is income inequality and how does it affect someone’s education? Based on the interview’s collect we ended up doing college education and connecting it to high school/middle school. In WTS, I have to contact my interviews and create deadlines for the project, I think I am meeting the expectation. I am able to meet the deadlines and ask for another team member for help when I get stuck on creating an idea. It is helpful to get feedback from my teammates about an idea I have. When my team and I went to Rutland high school for the conference, we were able to learn about our audience and how we presented ourself. We improved from the conference. When it came to analyzing our findings, I was to categorize our interviewers from professional stories, second-hand stories, and first-hand stories. From that categorization, I noticed that our personal stories were about a college education. From that collection, our documentary had to be around college education and the professionals will be explaining their experience in a more psychological way. Before the interviews, I needed to have background information about the person I was going to interview. From that preparation, I used the skill of system thinking skill to get the story of my interview across. In the midsemester evaluation, I wanted to improve the skill of storytelling and I did. When my team went public at Rutland high school, I created characters experienced income inequality, I used the skill of storytelling to get my audience to understand what income inequality is. I then paired two or three people to talk about their characters experiences and analyze how their experience relates to income inequality.

 What the story was really flexible with the way I was learning. At the beginning of the program, I didn’t know what income inequality was, I learned about it through the year. I also made some amazing friends that I truly care about. One of the powerful things that I learned from What’s the story is how to manage my school work with outside of school programs. I always had soccer practices and games when the program started and I began to procrastinate on submitting my blog post. And I also had my personal life and I did not know where whats the story was going to fit. Then I decided to include in my senior project. From that experience, I learned sometimes to manage programs I need to try to make it fit into the life I have. I also learned that I like interviewing people and I want my career to involve interacting or interviewing people. I learned that I like being a leader, having people depend on me so that is something I want my career to be in. I still want to improve my leadership skill. So overall, I learned about my desire for my future to attending what’s the story.

Stephie Siki
I am friendly. I like meeting new people. I enjoy public speaking. I like helping teenagers. My friends will describe me as an outgoing person.

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