Belocado’s Start

My team, Belocado, comprised of Atsabah, Farren, myself, and Erik as our mentor, has had a few meetings since we met as an entire group a couple Saturdays ago. Our team did very well with getting together and sharing each of our thoughts, and what our feelings were about the videos provided. We were able to communicate through other’s perspectives and how to understand them, and listen closely to what our peers would say. By promptly listening to each other, we were able to build an understanding, and bring us together. To me, it was very exciting! I prefer working in a small group more than a big one.

A couple techniques that I have noticed that would really entice the watcher would most definitely be adding scenes specific to what you’re trying to convey. If you want someone to feel sentimental, add a mood shown through photos or videos, or if you want someone to be angry, give them a reason to be angry! Another technique that would be beneficial would be to show why you’re creating this film and why it’s important to you and your team.

Something I am most excited for is to really delve into a topic I like. I can’t wait to be able to create a positive way to help others through our documentary! One question I have is are the groups we’re in now similar to last year’s? I know we were split up last year according to what we wanted to work on, so is it the same or is this a totally different approach?


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  • Ceci Lewis
    3 years ago

    Dear Atsa-bah, Farren, and Libby,
    My name is Ceci Lewis and I have been a friend of WtS,Vermont since it began. I have also had the privilege of working with your mentor Eric and I am happy that you all are enjoying your experience so far. This is a wonderfully innovative method of learning all kinds of things. Additionally, I am benefiting from learning from you all. When I think that you all are creating your own learning community even though you are not in the same location, or even in the same state, I am blown away. I look forward to reading more about what you all are learning. Thank you, Ceci

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