First Retreats and Finding A Team

Hello again! It’s Miles again, come back to rant at you about his What’s the Story exploits. I’m writing this post during the end of our first retreat of the year. This was quite an important meet-up because this was when we decided what teams and topics we are going to work on and with during this next year. The trouble is that I am currently stuck without a team because I was alone in being interested about the topic of PLPs and proficiency grading systems. Because of that, I am in a phase where I am “shopping for a team.” In other words, I visited all of the teams this morning and saw if I was interested in participating in their groups. In the end, I narrowed the field down to two groups; the people talking about animal justice and the duo talking about mental health in regard to the LGBT+ community. The topic of Abenaki recognition was interesting to me, but was not an option that I was interested in because my brother is participating in that team. Aside from that, the retreat went well. I particularly enjoyed playing flashlight tag with a chunk of the youth. Afterwards we rolled down some of the large hills in the area and retreated to the campfire to play theater games such as Bus Stop, the Stakes Game, and Improv Freeze. We capped the night with a large game of Apples to Apples which Grace won by a hair. I also appreciated the seemingly never-ending food options, such as popcorn, hot chocolate, chips, clementines, and of course the meals, which were freshly cooked and quite varied. I wonder what food will be at the next retreat? While on the topic of the next retreat, I should mention that I am planning to connect with the two groups that interested me over the next few weeks. This is so that I can make a good decision of which topic I want to go further with over this year, which is a decision that I want to make before the next retreat. Theoretically, once I’ve connected with a certain action team, we would begin research and start considering who to interview. Well, I’ve ranted for long enough now. I should probably post this and go on with my life. See y’all later!

Miles Ellis Novotny

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