Blog #2 What I learned from a Previous White-Suprematist

Hello everyone!

First of all I’d like to say, I’m sorry that my post is late by a day, I have been super busy with multiple school commitments, but I am so exited for tomorrow’s hike!

Some highlights from WTS so far have been: Watching the two films that we have done for our three week affinity group challenge, I thought that both of them were very interesting and I loved discussing them too. One thing that I loved about the first film was how different it was from any documentary that I have ever seen. It opened my eyes into how people can impact their communities by using their own unique talents, and I loved the themes included in the film such as; self discovery, self- improvement, and hopefulness.

My favorite part of the film was hearing a specific story about a man who had a white supremacy tattoo. He decided to change his beliefs and his tattoo when he adopted a child and realized how important it was for him to be a role model for his son. He went to a tattoo artist that specialized in changing tattoos by designing over them and transforming them into something new.

Hearing this story made me feel so happy that someone would want to become a better person, and that there was someone who had the ability to change his life by removing something so hateful and replacing it with something hopeful. He had his tattoo replaced with a Phoenix, and it represented the physical change of him getting his tattoo removed and his growth as a person that took place when he adopted his son and changed his beliefs. These details are what made this documentary special to me.

I also really liked that on the first day we had different writing prompts and reflecting times throughout the day, it made the experience much more memorable.

Me and my affinity group mates have had video conversations every Tuesday about our films that we watched. We split up the note taking and all share our thoughts on the films, and I really loved talking and seeing how we each viewed different parts of the documentaries differently and similarly.

I don’t really have any burning questions about WTS so far, I am just wondering what our deadlines will be like for our documentaries but I’m guessing that we won’t be starting those for about a month or two so I’m not too worried. Another question I have is how we are going to go about learning about how to use all of this new filming technology, I’ve never made a documentary before and I am wondering how we will get the hang of using all of the new cameras and equipment.

My featured image is by Jakob Owens and I got it from Unsplash. I chose this photo because it is an image of some intimidating film technology!

See you all tomorrow!



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