Greta Walberg

Hello my name is Greta Walberg and I am an eight grader at SCS. A fact about me is that this summer I went for a 200km bike ride in canada and it was a fun challenge.

I feel good about the affinity groups because they are all on topics that are current and happening in Vermont and around us so we can all relate with them and understand them better. I feel like it would be good to research and spread awareness about each conflict or topic, but I am pulled toward climate change because like the others it is happening right now and In Vermont but also all around the United States and world.    

I am also interested because I want to show family’s small things that they can do and change in their daily routine that could help the earth and that we can do locally. Because the whole idea of climate change is overwhelming and people might not know how to help and so they don’t but if we could show them small things they could do to make a difference it might restore some hope. 

What I bring to the team is I’m a hard worker and I care about Mother Nature and the earth. Personally my family and I tap trees to make maple syrup and the grapes we grow we use for jelly and juice. I really have a connection with the outside and I think that I would be very interested in this topic/conflict. I would like to find out more about this cause because once the team and I learn more then we can figure out different and effective ways to spread awareness.


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