How I Direct Myself

I believe that on the 1.1 learning scale, Identify and pursuing goals, I am proficient. I think that on a topic as broad as climate change, there will be lots of questions. So far, I feel like I have Identified many of the most important questions, and I have made plans to answer them. I think that this shows proficiency.  I think that on the 1.2 learning scale I am also proficient. I think that I thrive in a balanced learning environment over all others. Being in a group of people, each with different learning styles and experiences, allows me to learn more than I ever could alone . This way, I can benefit and learn from others and I think that it brings out the best in my work. My outlook on the future is one of promise and success. II am working in an amazing group and that we will accomplish great feats in the next few months. Together we will make a change.

Alex Tolgyesi

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