How is College related to LGBTQ+, Racism, Inequality, Women’s rights?

How does college administration go into Racism?
By interviewing Ms.Hatteck and UVM student;

Some colleges try to reach more diverse students. They sometimes give a scholarship to a cultural student to make their college more diverse. The teacher will sometimes pinpoint diverse students to explain their experience on a topic that they might not relate to.

Women’s right:
Sometimes the administrations have to considerate the number of women they are accepting to their college. If they are not an equal number of women and male being accepted to the college.

UVM has free women’s sanitized products in every bathroom.


Some colleges are trying to put gender-neutral bathrooms. When a person applies to a college, how do they put their gender’s choice? The school transcript has male or female when it is sent to the college.
The stigma behind LGBTQ+ appearance is noticed in college. People are afraid of the things they don’t understand.


The socio-economic of inequality is when a person cannot go to college because they are not able to pay for college. A person that has a parent that has a college degree are more likely to have to get into college because they can afford for it.

When a person’s background doesn’t have a financial support. The person wants to go to college but they need loans so they bring more debt to the family.

Environments/Climate change:

UVM throws out all the leftovers food. UVM has a Fume Hud. They have about 200 hundred of those working. They use electricity which comes from water and wind. Electricity sometimes comes from coal burning that gets a transfer into the atmosphere. Which ends up decreasing oxygen and creates the greenhouse effects. UVM tries to environmentally friendly. All the buildings had to be LEAD, Gold or platinum certifies.

After all, College has a big impact on the world’s problem. College is almost like their own city. I am interested in Exploring College socio-economic inequality.

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