How our group worked together well!

I really liked our team, we all worked together really well! We all talked together really well and we all stayed productive and on topic. Even though sometimes I may not have gotten to question or didn’t know what to say, and everyone understood really well. When I didn’t get exactly what we were talking about everyone helped explain.

We all talked about the topic, the things that we were confused about, and the things we liked the most about the films. Even though we were only in the meeting for 30 minutes it felt like it had gone by so much quicker because we all talked to each other and had fun during our meetings. I think that it was really nice working with the people on my team! I think the reason that I liked this so much was that it was a small team and because of this, we all got a chance to talk. Especially because there were not as many people.

A few things that I noticed and our team talked about from the films were: How the films did not just have a video the whole time, the films also had pictures,  The films had background music, And in one of the film’s we noticed how it was in a different language and head English subtitles. I am looking forward to learning more about filming and figuring out how to work more with electronics, which I don’t usually do a lot. I really did like her team in the way we work together! I can’t wait to maybe work with another team and start to learn how to really film!

Eloisa Johnson

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