#1: Why I Am Excited For What’s The Story

I am here because I want to learn about a social issue in Vermont and help fight it. I want to work with a team to make a documentary about an important issue and share it with the world. I think that having young people work together to learn about and help fight issues in Vermont is the first step to real change. I also think it will help me to improve my teamwork and independent work skills. I haven’t had many opportunities like this to make a project with a team almost entirely on our own, and I’m very excited to be able to. There are many social issues in Vermont that I’m interested in working on, such as the opioid crisis, pollution in Lake Champlain, income inequality, and more. I’m here because What’s The Story enables me to do all those things and is an amazing opportunity. I’m so excited to get to work and to learn!



Finn Wormser
My name is Finn Wormser and I'm from Shelburne. I'm a ninth grader from CVU High School. This is my first time doing the program, but I'm familiar with it through friends and my brother. I love playing sports and watching sports. I play volleyball, basketball, and am going to start ultimate frisbee in the spring. I play the bass and my brother, dad and I like to pretend we're a band. I am very excited to start What's The Story and to learn about a social issue in Vermont.

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  • Hi Finn, my name is Fallon, and I’ll be one of your blog readers for the next month or so. I’m a social studies and emotional/social wellness teacher at the Sharon Academy, a public independent school of 34 kids. I had the privilege of working with a passionate group of young people creating a documentary about sexual assault in VT schools last year with WtS, and I’m excited to be coming back as a mentor and team-building coach this year.

    You’re definitely right that WtS will give you lots of opportunities to become more independent and skilled at working as part of a team. There’s something pretty amazing about having so much control over choosing everything from your topic and team to your creative vision. It sounds like you have a few different areas of interest right now, which is great. Is there a topic or issue that most gets under your skin, or that you see having the greatest impact on your community? What story would you be most excited to explore over the next year? There’s plenty of time still to figure things out – and I’m looking forward to hearing more about how your interests develop throughout these weeks of reflection and research!

  • Hi Finn,

    It was great to meet you on the first day. And this blog accurately shows your interest and enthusiasm. I look forward to working with you.

    I also appreciate that you’ve already begun to think of some potential topics. I think your next step will be to explore each of the topics you’ve listed. This is idea-storming. And think about these questions: What’s the issue/problem? Who’s affected? Who or what is causing the problem? Who is in a position to fix the problem/issue? Who cares most about this being resolved/solved?

    Keep going!


  • Hi Finn! My name is Life LeGeros and I work with the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education, where we help middle schools become more learner-centered. I also blog and do education research.

    I love your statement: “I think that having young people work together to learn about and help fight issues in Vermont is the first step to real change.” I totally agree and I encourage you to think about this documentary as embodying real change. It is not just a “step” toward change – it will have impact on you and anybody who engages with it.

    You are in the early stages and you should give yourself permission to explore topics until you find the one that is right for you. This is an ambitious project and you will want to find something that you are truly passionate about that will keep you motivated when things get tough or overwhelming.

    I love what the other commenters suggested about finding your topic. I would add a lens of considering what type of access you might have. Do you have connections with individual or organizations that would provide unique in-roads into one of the issues you care about? If not, that’s fine – as a young thoughtful change maker who is working on an inspirational project, you should be able to open some doors. But if you do have special access to people or places that relate to an issue that you care about, this might be a helpful framework for starting to shape your project.

    I look forward to bearing witness to your journey and helping in any way I can.

  • finn,
    i love the way this post is structured, the way you started off with a broad idea and touched on specific examples & explanations for them really helped me understand your point of view. this is an area i think i should expand on in my own blog posts because it helps the reader get a good feel for how you feel about what’s the story and what your plans are for it. also your optimism is really refreshing and chill. i 100% agree with your point about the importance of young people speaking up for what they believe in because they’re the people who can make an impact with what they do. can’t wait to work with you more in the next couple months!

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