#1: I am the one who challenges

I am the one who loves a challenge. I am the one who challenges.

I have been playing piano for most of my life, and it is a source of great pride for me.  When people first see me or get to know me, they generally don’t assume that I am a serious student of classical piano. I love playing for people and surprising them with my ability. Part of the reason that I have gotten to the place I am at today with piano is because of my piano teacher. She is one of the most inspirational people in my life and is constantly pushing me to improve. It is because of her that I want to be better and get through the challenging moments.

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This year, I am coming back to What’s the Story as a mentor. Last year was an incredibly meaningful experience for me. I was challenged and pushed and ultimately came out as a different person. By the end of the year, I was more confident, a stronger writer, and more sure of who I was as a person. This year, I hope to inspire the students of this course to get the same meaningful experience that I did and challenge them to learn more about who they are.








Ella Nagy-Benson

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