#1: I am the one who pokes

I am the one who pokes, prods, finds friction and wants to make it explode, who stirs the pot. The one who makes people think, who might make people angry, but it’s for a good cause (I promise).  I am the one who is constantly looking for trouble and who never knows the answer.

I am here to poke and to prod, to find friction and to make it explode, to stir the pot. I want to make people think! I want tot share my thinking, to express my concerns and to rally. I want to make people angry. I want to find out more, and never know the answer.

I am the one who wonders how you sit still. How can you sit on your hands and keep your mouth shut when there’s so much worth discussing, provoking and changing? How am I supposed to mind my own business when there is so much business to mind? img_7338img_7339

Eva Rocheleau

3 Responses to “#1: I am the one who pokes

  • Hey Eva —
    We know each other from last year, but we didn’t really work one-on-one because I was working with the Solar group while you were busy with the Breaking Binary group. I teacher at MUHS and will be one of your blog readers this year as you begin to explore more deeply the nuances of gender. I’m excited to read Blog post #3 to see what your initial thinking is as the new year begins.

  • Hello Eva!

    This is amazing. You sound like you’re right where you should be and you know it. That’s something I aspire to. Thank you!


  • Carissa Brownotter
    7 years ago

    Hello Eva!

    I’m one of your blog readers for this year. My name is Carissa Brownotter. I work at COPE, a non-profit public health organization located on the Navajo Nation in New Mexico. You sound like a passionate individual. One who loves to keep things moving. Love it!

    I am excited to read your future blog posts!


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