#1: Fix What’s Broken – WtS? Kickoff

I am the one who is an extreme perfectionist. Yet I am also the one who procrastinates a lot. I am the one who only tries when it’s about something I want to do. But I am also the one that if I am doing something I am interested in, I will try my absolute hardest.


I am here because of everything I saw last year. Last year I did not enjoy my topic, but saw how much everyone else loved what they were doing. I knew I wanted to have that feeling, and I thought that if I got involved in something I was excited about, I could both have a great experience and help create change.


I am the one who wonders why. I wonder and question everything, which is both a blessing and a curse. It helps me work my hardest and do my best, but it also makes me doubt almost everything. I’m the one who wonders what the best option is: how can I make the most of my time, how can I help other people?


Most importantly, I am here because I want to fix what I think is broken, I will try my absolute hardest to do that.


Feature Image provided by Meg Stewart.

Emily Pecsok

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