I will remember the intense stomach pains of this weekend far better than I will remember anything else. I will remember the trip to the emergency room and the subsequent week that I spent on the couch, trying to move as little as possible. As such, my memory of the learning I did at the December retreat is pretty foggy.

I remember learning how to use the cameras and practicing collecting footage for interviews. I remember discussion about who we wanted to interview and why. We also composed a list of questions to ask each type of subject. I remember Greta’s dad presenting various film clips and educating us about how to compose the perfect shot. I feel very prepared to shoot interviews in the coming weeks, thanks to the information he gave us. In the week after the retreat, when we watched a documentary in school, I analyzed it for the components he talked about and felt pretty smart. Listening to Jason talk, I got really excited for the interview process.

A week and a half after the retreat, we still haven’t interviewed anyone. We’ve done some pre-interviews and talked to possible interview subjects. Hopefully we will begin interviews next week, which will really help me learn how to compose and interview and work the video camera. I have basic, cognitive knowledge of the process, but I won’t feel absolutely confident without significant practice. I’m excited to have this experience.

I’m also going to try to stay on top of my work. I’m extremely busy with AP classes and such, but I know this needs to be a priority as my absence, physically and emotionally, will impede my team’s progress and learning, not just mine.

Sidenote: I wanted to get Emily back for using my picture as a featured image but there wasn’t one so this is Theo. Enjoy.


Anna Buteau

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