What’s The Story causes you to experience working in different learning environments that push you to become flexible, productive, and make the most of the time you have at hand. Engagement is key for success, and collaboration is needed for your work. You have to learn to independently collaborate with each other and you have to organize meetups or (Skype, FaceTime, phone) calls to have group work time. The program helps teach you to define both your personal and academic strengths, and teach you to lean and reach out to you group cohorts for support.

This program teaching structure is so different from the learning environments of my school, it’s more personal, involved, and productive. It challenges you to learn new skills and grow as a learner, it pushes you. The skills you learn here are unique from the skills you focus on at school, you learn about digital media in a useful way. This program teaches you things that you can apply to your academics in the future.

Photo by Shalaka Gamage on Unsplash

Sasha Miler

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