Blog #1 Indigenous Rights Matter

Hi! My name is Grace Vining and I’m a sophomore at Middlebury Union High School. One detail about me is that I love animals and once I turn sixteen I am going to start volunteering at Homeward Bound, our local animal shelter! I am very exited about that.

I think that all the groups that have been drafted all sound relevant to our world and the important issues that we all want to change for the better. I am most interested to be a part of Group 2, the group on Racism and Indigenous People in Vermont. I am very passionate about improving the rights of Indigenous People, and I would like to see indigenous history taught from indigenous perspectives in schools.

I bring positivity, inclusiveness, and new ideas to a group. I will be a supportive team member who encourages those around me. I will listen to everyone’s ideas, stay involved during work time, and commit to doing my part for every group project. I enjoy learning about new things especially in interactive environments. I will be respectful, enthusiastic and considerate of others’ work. I do best when plans are outlined and agreed upon by everyone, I think that this makes groups work better overall too.

I’m so exited for What’s The Story!

Grace Vining


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