Indigenous rights

I have changed my social topic a few times. At first, I was just going to study women’s rights, gender rights, and racial rights. But then I Switch to doing a different topic. The topic that I was going to do was making sure that there were general neutral safe places. Making sure that they were bathrooms that were good and ready. But then I changed again, I changed to indigenous rights. Why I did that was because we had a lot of connections between people that we knew that worked on indigenous rights.

So, yeah. I have switched a few times. But I think this is the right social topic for me to study. Since then I have interviewed two people. I’ve interviewed Neil Minish, he is a family friend of ours. I interviewed him for about 30 minutes. He works in DC on indigenous rights with the government. He helps to house and building housing for tribes in need. The second person that I interviewed was Kuhio Vogel. He is also a family friend of ours, He lives in Hawaii and works on indigenous rights. Currently, he is unemployed but for two years he was a professor at a community college in Hawaii teaching about Hawaiian indigenous rights. She helps to make laws that protect Indigenous Rights and tribes.

I also have a few more interviews set up. On Monday I’m going to be speaking to Teresa Heights. She is our cousin and have nieces  that spend their Summers on an Indian Community / reservation up in Nebraska. She’s also part of an indigenous women’s roller derby team. So I just wanted to interview her and see if I could get more information about what she does and where her nieces are from. I also have an interview Wednesday over the phone with another family friend Abby Cruise. She works for a company called EPA and she helps with indigenous rights as well. I’m going to be interviewing her and talking about her work and what she does to help indigenous rights.

Eloisa Johnson

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