Intentional? or not?

What are a few of the most interesting things you’ve learned so far in WTS that we’ve intentionally taught?

Before WTS I had never worked with camera equipment. I also didn’t know how to create a compelling story and keep the person watching interested. I don’t even think I thought about making a film before I joined WTS. But now I am so excited and interested in it. I have learned lots of new tools and tips about these topics so far. Like how to use a camera and how to work on rule of thirds and lighting. I am a very curious person and want to know how to use things and how they work. So I really enjoyed learning how to use the camera and microphones. My little brother that is 7 years old, really likes to be on camera and act. So he enjoyed when I filmed him for a film project I was working on for WTS.

I also learned what topics I am interested in making a film about. I thought about what topic I wanted to chose and who I wanted it to impact. I was also made more aware of different social issues that are happening right now when I was choosing a topic.

What are a few of the most interesting things you’ve learned that might surprise us because we didn’t deliberately teach it?

Nobody expected this year to be like this. Nobody knew there was going to be a pandemic and everybody would have to stay at home a lot. Nobody thought they would be learning over zoom. I definitely didn’t. Learning how to communicate, make connections, and work with other people over zoom is something I have learned and still am learning.

I also learned important things when picking a topic. I was overwhelmed in the beginning because there were so many interesting tops I liked. But I learned how to think about a topic and see if I really wanted to make a film about it and what kind of change I wanted to make. It was also very helpful that the people at WTS were open, flexible, and very kind if you wanted to be in a group.

Another thing I learned was what social issues other people cared about and why. It was interesting to see why people were inspired to make films about something and learn why they are passionate about it. It makes me think and notice about social issues in my community and life.

Writing a blog post can sometimes be stressful for me. I worry that it’s not good enough or I made a mistake. But something that I have learned from other students in WTS is that it’s important not to stress too much about writing a blog post. I think this goes for many things in life. If you stress to much about something it can become less fun. So I have been trying to not stress as much about things like blog posts or other schoolwork and try to enjoy them as well as learn.

Image from: “Flowers” by Nouhailler is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Ruth Krebs

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