Increasing Cultural Awareness Among Humans

Picture this, a middle school student from Vermont talking to a young person from Nairobi, Kenya who in turn is talking to a student in Bangkok, Thailand all of this to gain a perspective on an issue facing our planet.
After 10 years of living in the same community, with the same neighbors, and the same classmates I wanted to hear the perspectives of others, I wanted to know how my ideas would be received by young people the same age as me in other parts of the world. I wanted to explore if kindness is common among all cultures. I wanted to know if young people thousands of kilometers apart shared the same hopes and aspirations as I do about what the world might be if we could learn to communicate with each other more honestly and effectively.

I understand that for many years high school and college students have been involved In exchange programs whereby students from far far away would come and live with host families here in United States and students like my dad’s cousin would live at a host university in the former Soviet Union.  While these exchange programs play in important role in increasing cultural awareness among humans throughout the world they are nearly impossible for middle school and early high school students to access.  What I want to create is a program whereby middle school students will learn about what it takes to have an engaging, effective conversation with other middle school students from schools and communities on the other side of the globe.


Rough Draft Of My Pitch

Erin Fishell

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  • Hi Erin,

    I totally agree. Since we go to the same and classes and have talked about this many times. I still find talking to others across the world interesting since we live in such a small state and don’t get to interact with others even though they live around just 5 minutes away. If it weren’t for my topic I would join you and add to the conversation what I can, but from the point I’m at I can only really add some views from an outsider (get it). I’m wondering, since I really don’t know much about talking over a huge gap to others how are you going to get the technology for communication from here to there? And you started talking about how we’d all have conversations with each other about different issuses, would this program your creating be for kids interested in politics or just for anyone to have a pen-pal to talk to. Some things you can try that I thought could help (you’ve probably thought this through) but you could start a go fund me or maybe to some extra jobs even though it might be considered child labor. Lastly you maybe do what we did in girls scouts and have bake sales (just relised you had a bake sale for the Kenya, I think, talk we had in 6th grade). If you think about doing the second one I’d be interested in helping you earn the money if you’d like.


  • Erin,
    I really liked your pitch! It was very clear and concise, it also helped me understand what the change you want to make is! It is interesting how you connected your topic to exchange programs. I never thought about it like that until you mentioned it. I think that was a great way to try to interpret the change you want to make, and how you will go about doing it. I agree that kids younger should have a chance to experience other cultures. If we did get the chance how do you think that it would change our attitudes around other cultures? This is a topic that every one will be able to relate to somehow, because we all live in same small state. It is something that people will think is interesting because it would be such a cool opportunity if we had it!
    I can’t wait to hear your final pitch!

  • P.s,
    I can’t get to your slide show. I requested accesses, I hope I can see it soon! I am very interested in looking at it.
    Sorry for not putting this in my previous comment,

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