Interview Questions for Animal Advocates and Dairy Producers

For Interviews With Animal Rights Advocates:

Interview Goal: 

We are hoping to have footage of an animal rights advocate explain the dairy and veal industries in the perspective of someone who genuinely cares about animal cruelty, and is committed to improving the lives of animals. We are hoping that these animal rights advocates could be used as narrators, or protagonists in our documentary, and could describe the veal process.


For how long have you been an animal rights advocate?

What is your goal as an animal rights advocate?

What are the ways that your (organization name) create change?

What is the most influential change maker?

I’ve been studying dairy farms in Vermont, how important do you think the dairy industry is for the Vermont economy?

Who do you think benefits most from farms?

Do you think that the product of the dairy industry is worth the potential animal abuse?

Could you explain why you think animals should be protected?

How do you think Vermont compares to other states based on its Animal Cruelty?

How big of a social issue do you think animal cruelty in Vermont is?

What is your opinion on the veal industry?

Could you describe the process from dairy farms to the veal processing plant?

What do you think are the most disturbing parts of the veal industry?

What are the biggest producers of veal in the country?

What are the regulations on these plants?

How would you change the regulations?

Do you think veal should be entirely banned?

For Lawyers: What legal action has been taken involving the veal industry? What action would you take?

What are solutions to the veal problem? Are there anyway farmers wouldn’t have to sell their calves? Is there a way that farms can be sustainable?


For Interviews With Dairy Producers

Interview Goal:

We would like to use the footage from interviews with major and local Dairy Producers, to have understanding on what role they play in the dairy, and veal industries. We are hoping that this interview could determine another protagonist character, or an antagonist in our story.


How long have you been producing dairy products? Do you know the history?

Where do you buy your dairy? How do you get milk?

Are there certain things you look for in a farm?

Are there specific labels that appeal to consumers on your dairy?

Has the way you buy dairy, or the dairy industry in general changed over time?

Are there any changes you would like to see in the dairy industry?

Are there certain states you prefer to buy dairy from?

Do you ever partner with other companies?


Featured Image: Henk Bekker

Lena Ashooh

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  • Bob Uhl
    6 years ago

    Lena, there are some great questions here! Very open-ended and inviting. Looking forward to our hangout this morning!

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