Interview Questions for Dairy Farmers, and Veal Producers

For Interviews With Dairy Farmers:

Interview Goal: 

Through out interviews with Dairy Farmers, I am hoping to determine the role of dairy farmers in the veal and dairy industries. It would also be optimal of these dairy farmers would provide us with some sort of narration of the process of the bulls. Content wise, I would also like to be able to figure out the various opinions of dairy farmers, and their perspective on the veal industry.


What is the name of your farm?

How long have you worked as farmers?

Did you grow up on a farm?

If no: Where did you learn how to own/work on a dairy farm?

Have you always farmed in Vermont?

Have you always farmed dairy cows?

Where do you sell your dairy products?

You seem to have affection for all of your animals, is this an important part of your job?

How many dairy cows do you have?

How many dairy calves do you own?

How much could you sell a dairy cow for?

What about a dairy calf?

Who do you generally sell your milk to?

About how many calves do you raise every year?

Are they all female?

If yes: How many male calves are born every year?

If no: What do you do with your bulls?

What do you do with your bulls?

If they say they sell them: Who generally buys your bulls? How does that transition work?

How long do they stay at your farm?

What types of dairy cows do you raise?

Do different breeds sell at a higher price?

Have you/do you ever consider raising beef cattle?

How important do you think the dairy industry is in Vermont?

What do you think would happen if Vermont would to have lost the dairy industry?

Who benefits most from the dairy industry?

For Interviews With Veal Producers:

Interview Goal: 

From this interview, I would like to gain information on where the veal industries get their animals, and where their veal is processed. I am also very interested in various companies sustainability practices.


What is your position? What work do you do for the veal industry?

How long have you worked for the veal industry?

When did you decide that you wanted to work for the veal industry?

Did you have any other professions before working for the veal industry?

How important do you think the industry is?

Who benefits from the veal industry?

Generally, where do you buy your veal from?

Is there something you look for in a farm to buy from?

Are there certain areas/states that you buy more veal from than others?

Are there labels that appeal more to your consumers?

Could you explain the veal process from your purchase of bulls to their sale in stores?

What changes are taking place in the veal industry?

Are there ways that you would like to see the veal industry change?

What does the future look like for veal?

What would you say to people that think that veal is inhumane?

Are there any changes to the veal industry that you think should be made?

Finally, what do you think would happen if veal ceased to be produced?

How would this happen?

How would other people who worked for the industry be affected by this change?

Lena Ashooh

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