Interview Reflection

Our first interview, one that we did at CVU, went well. We were interviewing Andrew Silverman, a student at CVU who created an algae-detecting buoy that sprays algaecide to kill blue-green algae. I operated the camera and my other group member Brynna asked the questions. The interview gave us a lot of good information about the buoy.

I am currently attempting to have an interview with staff at the St. Albans City School, where they have a rain garden that traps runnoff that was built by students who have moved to the high school.

A week ago our group met at MUHS to have a work session. We created a new action plan for the last month of filming, reviewed our footage from the previous interview, and gave jobs for our group to complete before the deadline for interviews.

I took a few panoramic photos of my pond for B-Roll footage (that’s what the Featured Image is). I was also supposed to create a fake runnoff site and film that, but I didn’t have time.

Overall I think that our group has made a lot of progress, but we still need to conduct a few more interviews.

Zachariah Burrows

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  • Zachariah,

    The picture you took of your pond is beautiful! You seem to have the ability to capture the essence of a moment in a still. Do you think there are opportunities to “capture” running water near the pond, maybe as an example of runoff ?


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