Interviewees: Check, Now What?

Going back to our normal lives has not slowed our team down. We all had a list of people to ask if they would be interested in doing an interview. Almost all of them were asked, and almost all of them said yes. The list of people mostly consisted of students and teachers, with some “experts” that we know.

We had a meeting Wednesday where we answered some key questions about what we’re doing know. Great, we have people who are willing to be interviewed, but we still have to schedule and plan out these interviews. When and where are we going to do interviews, what are we going to ask people? So we came up with a plan on Wednesday for a) what we’re going to ask students, teachers, and experts during pre-interviews, b) possible questions for students and teachers, and c) how we are going to present our project to experts.

Since then we’ve had one pre-interview with Mme Steele, a French teacher at Middlebury UHS, and we scheduled an interview with her for the 19th. In the next week or so we will have hopefully completed more pre-interviews. Especially with teachers who only have so much time available, it can be hard to figure out when we will even have our pre-interviews, much less our actual interviews.

In addition to worrying about when/where our interviews are going to take place, we have to think about what we’ll do for b-roll. Our problem is we would like to have the interviewee in the b-roll, without bothering them too much. We’re also not sure how we’re going to make our interviews as aesthetically-pleasing as possible. There are so many little aspects we need to think about when doing our interviews, but I know we can figure it out.

Emily Pecsok

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